The History of Babycuddleph

By May Macatugal

I'm May a mother of twin boys, Filipina, and married to an awesome Danish man. Five years ago we moved to Denmark, and soon after we got wonderful twin boys. Being a parent for the first time can be hard and my advice to everybody is to take all the help you can get. Napping time for a newborn is the only time you can relax or take a nap yourself..

Few years after we got our kids, I saw this baby bed concept in Denmark, which became more and more popular. Moms started to recommend it to other moms because their baby slept longer and soundly with this baby bed. 

This kind of bed did not exist in the Philippines until one day my little sister and I was having a chat on Facebook messenger. She told me that she was having a hard time with her little boy, that he did not sleep well and long.

I asked my sister if she could find this kind of bed in the Philippines and try it. But she couldn't find one, so out of frustration, she asked our dad to make one sample. We made our own pattern (size, wide and thickness), which are special since it's bigger and can be used up to 12 months.

The size of Babycuddle bed is based on a standard baby's crib so when the baby grows she or he can still use it as a side pillow or toddler’s lounger.

Finally, after using BabyCuddle bed her little boy slept soundly at night, she is also using it as a co-sleeping alternative and travel bed when visiting grandparents house. Babies feel at home when they are using the same bed as at home, and this is easy to bring along.

June 2016 Babycuddleph was born in the Philippines. In less than a year we have managed to assemble a team of production, marketing, logistic and support staff.

The family is the most important thing for us that is why we treat all our staff as family. We will continue improving the company and our product with the customer as our number one focus.

(First Babycuddle bed proven and tested by Mommy Lenie)

If you will notice Babycuddle bed has a protective lining because we are keen on the safety of your little one for any fiber fill inhalation and all sides are top stitched for durability. All fiber filling is hypoallergenic/non-allergenic.