How to Get Your Baby to Sleep (this might help): 6 Ways to Use a Babycuddle Bed

By Grace Chua

But where and how can you use a babycuddle bed? In principle, it is only you who set the limits for how and how a babycuddle bed can be used.

1. In the baby crib as a bed insert

For such a little person a crib or baby bed can seem really big. A babycuddle bed can be used to fill the space and make the child more comfortable, which can facilitate the different transitions. Depending on the size of the child, the cord can be snap-in so that the baby's head always has the optimal fit. Therefore, use a babycuddle bed to create a safe base for your child in bed - it can result in better and safer sleep (for your child and yourself).



2. In the couch

A babycuddle bed can also be used on the couch so your child can sleep anywhere in the house, but we highly recommended adult supervision whether the baby is awake or asleep.



3. In the bedroom

 Many parents choose to have the baby in the double bed the first time. Here's a babycuddle bed really clever as it gives you an "assurance" that you do not roll over your child in sleep, it ensures that a person does not fill the whole bed in just over half a month and so the child has his own place between mother and father.


4. For baby exercise 

The National Board of Health recommends that your child is on the stomach as much as possible during his waking hours. Put the baby's breast over the baby's side, giving the babycuddle bed a good support when the child is going to exercise his neck muscles and back.


5. On trip and traveling

Since the babycuddle bed is made of fabric, it is quite easy to transport. Therefore, you can take it with you when you leave the house, so the child will always have a safe and safe base to be in.


6. Playing 

You can use a Babycuddle bed plus baby activity gym while laying on their back while they hold a toy (around 1-3 months), reach for an object with two hands together at the midline (around 4-5 months) and reach across the midline of their body. The ability to come to and cross the invisible vertical line down the middle of the body (and across the middle horizontally) is a SUPER important skill for children to develop. 

So what do you do with a Babycudlle Bed?

  • A safe and comfortable to use
  • More practical
  • Greater flexibility
  • Alternative for co-sleeping
  • Reduces the risk of fall injuries for a small baby.