Babycuddle Bed- What is it?

By May Macatugal

When you are to be parents for the first time, it may be a bit of a jungle to find all the things you should acquire. What should you use all the equipment for and have such a small one really need all those things?

A baby bed product that has become incredibly popular in Denmark in recent years. This concept is originated in Sweden which they use for premature baby. Babycuddle bed is not just a fashion phenomenon marketed by the manufacturers to create sales.

You've heard of them wondering what to use them for?

What is a babycuddle bed?

After living 9 months in a relatively small "apartment" where there is not much room to move on, the meeting with our world can be incredibly overwhelming. Newly born parents find out quickly that a newborn baby has a great need to feel safe and secure.

A babycuddle bed works according to the same principle, it is about security and presence. The baby's tight space and soft environment act like a little 'cave' that resembles the surroundings of the mother's stomach. These environments create a security and presence that can have a very calming effect.

A babycuddle bed is primarily used for infants between 0-12 months. The babycuddle bed can be adjusted in size. This means that it always fits your child's physical development and size.

What does a babycuddle bed do?

In fact, it is quite simple, a babycuddle bed creates the feeling of security and presence that resembles the existence of the mother's belly. This can help to create peace when the baby is put in the pram, the crib bed or when you are on the move, where it can create recognisability from home.

How long can you use a babycuddle bed?

Good question, with a true policy response: "It matters so much". First and foremost, it depends on your child's size: the bigger the child is, the shorter the time you can use a babycuddle bed but don't worry you can still be used as a bed insert.
We recommend using it for babies from 0 to 12 months.

But if your child does not fill up a lot, you can easily use a babycuddle bed for a long time. The smart thing is that the strings allow you to customize it in size so it always fits.