6 Benefits of using babycuddle baby bed at home

By May Macatugal


Babycuddle bed / cuddlenest is a concept originated in Sweden . Babycuddle bed makes a cozy sleeping place for the baby and protects baby at night because of stable bumper.

This kind of baby bed already used in neonatal hospital in Sweden. But you don't need to buy this equipment, the advantages of babycuddle bed creates at home as kanmed and has allowed us to make as kanmed for home use.


"Kanmed Baby Bed – the modern way to care for newborn and premature babies. The new Baby Bed is designed to facilitate the care of newborn or premature babies"

-source kanmed.se


Babycuddle bed for home use

  1. It can be used as co-sleeping baby bed/bassinet between parents. but recommended position is at adult head level and no pillows. 
  2. It is cosy and narrow the size of babycuddle bed is adjusted to your child by pulling the string.
  3. It is safe to use to newborn babies, do not use any kind of pillow inside the bacycuddle bed from ages 0-5 month old. At this age, babies are most at risk from suffocation when they sleeping.
  4. Place in flat surface for your baby security.
  5. Just lose the cord of babycuddle bed when changing baby diaper, just remember to use waterproof changing pad liners to protect the bed from any baby pee.


    6. Better sleep for baby, most of the feedback from the parents whose using babycuddle bed said that their baby is sleeping soundly at night (parents whose using for co-sleeping with their baby



       Modern hospital

       When i gave birth to my twins we already used this kind of baby bed in the hospital. In Denmark expect all equipment are modern. From the luxury hospital room it's feels like i'm in the hotel room. They have their own pantry and canteen where you can eat and buy meals but they also have free meal for Mother. I would definitely recommended it to first time parents like me specially with twin babies.



      It's is already existed in Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.  And now slowly getting it to other countries in ASIA . Don't forget that we are the first who introduced this product in the Philippines and we called it babycuddleph bed :)