Nursing Pillow - For Comfortable Breastfeeding

By Grace Chua

A nursing pillow, also known as a breastfeeding pillow has a major utility of keeping your baby cozy and comfortable during the feeding time. Not just for feeding, these highly versatile pillows also provide a comfy cushion for your baby to play or just relax. Getting your baby used to these pillows from the very beginning ensures that your baby feels more relaxed and the mother can also latch the baby smoothly from the start.

These cushions are also very helpful in making the mother feel comfortable as she doesn't experience back sore and neither does she feel any tiring pain in her arms.

When to buy a nursing pillow? 
You can opt to buy a baby feeding pillow while you are pregnant because you just can use the breastfeeding pillow to support the couch or sleeping partner when you are pregnant. If you buy it while you are pregnant, you also ready, for when the little comes and you need to breastfeed or give the bottle.

Pregnant Mom
Pregnant supports her stomach with a nursing pillow at night. It gives them a more comfortable sleeping position and better sleep.

The primary use for breastfeeding, but you can be used for many other things. During lactation used breastfeeding pillow to support the baby, so you do not have to keep the baby's weight and can relax in the upper body.

Tummy time for Baby
A nursing pillow can also be used for neck training with babies who are not so happy to be put on the stomach. It should not be a substitute for the "ordinary" abdominal workout where the baby lies on her stomach and lifts the neck but can be a supplement to get your baby to understand that it makes sense to learn to hold his head so he can look around.

 Neck Workout by that you put your arms in a cross under the baby's head and places them on the pad. So your baby can see a little more of the world around them, and it can be very motivating.

Good Cushion for the little one  
When you no longer breastfeeding may breastfeed pad used as a good cushion for when the little just learned to sit up and often overturned. Later, nursing pillow used in the nursery or in the play corner, so your child has something soft to sit by when enjoying or playing.

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